If larger parts of a glass painting are lost, so that the missing part is more significant and the artwork is perceived as a fragment, the question arises of whether reconstruction is appropriate.

As in all types of restoration, reconstruction is a point where opinions differ, as there are many possibilities. Do you reconstruct it or do you make the fragment work?

If one leaves the fragment, the question arises as to how to deal with the open spaces, since in glass painting clear, empty surfaces always outshine painted, coloured surfaces and appear bigger and heavier. Here, there are various possibilities for the neutral suppression of the open spaces. Point grids, covers, special glass, etc. There are no limits to the possibilities here and everything is always dependent on the object, the location and the requirements of the window.

If a reconstruction of missing areas is desired, then the question arises of the source material originally used in this window. If the corresponding material is available, you can work here in the same way as for the replacement of missing areas: the missing part is recreated but can still be separated and distinguished from the original. To what extent the original and the reconstruction differ from one another is another story.

Reconstructions always demand the highest attention to finding the solution. We are happy to help you find a suitable solution for your reconstruction. Using modern ethical foundations of restoration and with a wide range of techniques, approaches and patterns, we develop individual proposals.

Examples of reconstructions:

Grassi-Museum Leipzig   "Meisterhäuser" Dessau   Berlin Cathedral

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