Restoration & Conservation

For the creation of concrete, object-based restoration concepts, we are in close collaboration and discussion with relevant conservationists, scientists and art historians. In this way, we can provide specific solutions for individual questions and problems.

Our Restoration-Team:

Certified Restorer
Markus Kleine
Head of the Restoration Department
Simone Schmidt
  Christa Heidrich M.A.

Our workshop and our team have a wide range of techniques, procedures and equipment, and are always ready to educate themselves further and to develop new methods. In this way, we can guarantee that we can cover the diverse requirements of monument conservation work. Our numerous collaborations have always proved to be fruitful. For example, the first "lead-free leaded glass", which in turn was initiated by a project of heritage protection in the context of a whole-pane doubling.

We are pleased to advise you on the spot as part of pre-planning, showing possibilities by means of extensive archive materials and making corresponding non-binding offers, including photographic documentation and expert opinion.

Our services range from minor repair and post-sealing work to extensive large-scale projects.
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