Workshop and equipment

Separate workshop rooms
A separate, specialised department for the restoration of historical glass paintings was set up in order to meet the rapidly changing demands for monument preservation in a detailed and efficient manner. A team of highly qualified graduate restorers was hired. The workshop rooms are optimally equipped with regard to work safety, fire protection and theft.

Interdisciplinary Collaboration
With the creation of this new department, a network of partnerships and cooperations has developed. This allows us to offer tailor-made complete solutions within the framework of state-of-the-art techniques and with the latest insights. Of course, high-quality and extensive equipment plays an important role, and this is constantly expanded in a meaningful way.

Technical equipment
For documentation purposes, we have a high-quality selection of large-scale cameras, SLR cameras, digital SLR cameras, microscopes, etc. and a professional photographic laboratory with ideal, adjustable light conditions. The graphical documentation is possible both manually and digitally on mapping devices.

We have aerosol nebulisers for the treatment of microbial infestations, various climatic measuring devices and we are familiar with the handling of glass sensors in the protective glazing gap.

For transport, we offer data loggers that monitor vibrations to which the material being transported is exposed.

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