Founded more than 100 years ago, Glasmalerei Peters is one of the most renowned workshops for glass design in both traditional and modern techniques.
Located in the heart of Europe, we work for customers across Europe, the USA, Canada, Asia, and more recently in the Arab world.

The long-standing collaboration with hundreds of artists, designers and architects has led Peters Studios to develop a high degree of sensitivity to the most diverse artistic concepts and to meet the highest requirements through the experience and permanent training of our specialists in the practical implementation of ideas.

In order to meet even more efficiently the requirements of the rapidly changing conditions in the field of glass design, the workshop has been expanded, and many modern technical facilities such as sandblasting plants, airbrush rooms, huge kilns etc. have been set up. A gallery has also been specially built in order to show a broad spectrum of what we can offer to all potential customers and interested parties.

Latest news:

LUMIÈRES DU MONDE • Glanzlichter der Welt • Lights of the World

23. April 2016 until 24. Oktober 2018

Exhibition in the Centre international du Vitrail in Chartres „Internationales Panorama of contemporary stained glass“

We cordially invite you to a visit to the exhibition, which provides a great overview of the various expressions of glass painting art and the variety of technical possibilities of implementation under the theme "In search of the light of the world".

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