LUMIÈRES DU MONDE Glanzlichter der Welt Lights of the World

From 23. April 2016 until 24. Oktober 2018

we show in the Centre international du Vitrail in Chartres the exhibition
„International Panorama of contemporary stained glass“

Your are welcome to visit the exhibition, which gives under the theme of
„In search of the light of the world“
a great overview about the different styles of stained glass art and the varity of techniqual Implementation possibilities
These are jewels of glass painting. The Center international du Vitrail invites you to visit Chartres as an art lover and friends of glass painting.

Dr. Jean-François Lagier
Director of the Centre international du Vitrail
in collaboration with
Glasmalerei Peters in Paderborn

By bringing together 286 artists from different cultures and with different approaches, this work – the most exhaustive ever published in the field – presents an entire spectrum of international contemporary stained-glass for our contemplation and admiration.

The stained-glass panels produced in the Peters Studios in Paderborn and exhibited in Chartres, constitute an impressive body of work which documents practically every single artistic movement and personal style, and represent all of the techniques currently in use in the field. It is in fact a veritable encyclopaedia of contemporary glass painting. The artists of today are totally free to engage in a discourse which is detached from all schools and movements, and to express themselves as they wish in their work. From figurative to abstract painting, from muted to vibrant colours, their creations reflect contemporary sensibilities, magnify and revitalise the art of glass painting. Whereas digital techniques are becoming increasingly prevalent in the field of image creation, and despite the fact that the concept, almost backward looking, of free deployment of paint on as large a surface as possible, remains attractive to artists and their audience alike, the ancient mosaic technique of lead came assembly is subtly reasserting itself amongst practitioners of the art form. Consequently, as things stand, the classic works of the great old masters remain just as important and exciting as ever. They
form a methodical and creative background and bedrock of invaluable importance to artists who do not want to be always reinventing the wheel.

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