Our glass artists' gallery

is a window into the wide and fantastic world of architectural glass design. Using a projector, we take a look at the rich history of glass, art and architecture, familiarise ourselves with manufacturing techniques, and introduce all "our" artists in word and image.

The aim of the gallery is to point out the often unimagined possibilities of glass art during conversions and new constructions and to open our eyes to the imagination, creativity and aesthetics of artistically designed glass.

The gallery is open to private and public builders, architects, artists and interested parties and it can provide direct contacts between those involved. It is also our place for changing exhibitions and events.

Media & Opportunities

In the gallery there are different media and various opportunities for introducing artists and their work. One way is via a video projector onto a big screen, 3 x 4 metres in size. Another way is via a picture documentation with photo and résumé and 5 projects per artist, a cinematic short interview of approx. 5-6 minutes in which the artist introduces himself and his way of working, a collection folder with photos, designs, books and publications and, of course, sample panes of glass.

Peters stained glass company offers you a wide selection of international artists for all kinds of artistic glass design. With the help of artist presentations, interviews and flyers, you can get advance information about artists and their "handwriting" in our gallery. On our "artist pages" we have compiled a large selection of well-known artists for you, including short biographies, pictures, projects, some flyers and an interview to download.

Before the beginning of the execution of a project or even for the competition, we produce one or several glass samples in cooperation with the artists. These can be different painting techniques or different types of glass. After the production of the sample panes, the artist can decide which technique to use or in which type of glass the design will be implemented. These sample panes are collected in the gallery and enable new clients and visitors to get to know different artists' handwriting, techniques and glass.

Information material
Every artist with whom the workshop collaborates receives a large folder in which all documents such as brochures, photos, slides, books, posters, etc. are collected, in order to provide potential clients with as much information material as possible.

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